Croydon Housing Framework
Seven New Developments for Croydon Council
Martindales worked with the London Borough of Croydon on seven council owned sites to provide houses that meet the requirements of the Code for Sustainable Homes Level 4.
Bridge Street, Chatteris
This development provides 24 flats within three blocks at a density of 114 dwellings per hectare. The disposition of the blocks along Bridge Street allows both the retention of part of the existing greenery at the north end but also allows the new development to come forward in stages to create a strong relationship with the street edge thereby defining the street.

The development provides a balance between an appropriate level of accommodation for the site given its context and the constraints enforced on a development by virtue of the special site characteristics.

Western Housing Site, Cambridge
Homerton College
In 2009 martindales were successful in securing a planning consent for 85 houses and flats on land between Homerton College and the main Cambridge-to-London railway line.

The site layout concept was based on the rich landscape present in that part of the college grounds, the curve of the present access road as it enters the site and numerous site constraints such as the key tree groups, the railway line (in terms of acoustic stand-off distances) sustainable drainage and nearby housing to the south.

When constructed this development will be highly sustainable, largely using ground source heat technology and solar panels fitted to each house roof.

Buttsgrove Way, Huntingdon
Affordable Housing Scheme
This scheme is situated on a site in the heart of the Huntingdon Oxmoor Estate and consists of 30 two and three-bedroom houses for The Luminus Group. In 2007 the scheme won the UK Housing Sustaining and Regenerating Neighbourhoods Award.

The scheme is designed to achieve an 'excellent' EcoHomes rating through high levels of insulation, passive stack-effect ventilation, good levels of daylighting, efficient use of land and sustainably-sourced materials.

Liberty Village, RAF Lakenheath
Masterplan and Design of 600 House Village
Martindales have been partnering with Mansell Construction and Defence Estates since 2001 implementing the USAF Housing Framework. The flagship project of 606 houses at Liberty Village, RAF Lakenheath will be completed in 2011.

The development contains  timber-framed family housing for officers with a mix of two, three, and four-bedroom dwellings, 30 of which will be adaptable for disabled occupancy. Offsite construction was used wherever possible.

The design of the village is based on a group of individual 'neighbourhoods' located adjacent to a green village 'High Street', at the centre of which lies a Village Green. The design has won a US Forces Design Award and the partnering team achieved a 'Best Long-Term Partnering Award' in 2008.


Acacia Avenue, Wisbech

Completed in June 2014
This is a development of new affordable houses for Roddons Housing Association, part of the Circle Housing Group.  There are a total of 30 affordable dwellings within a site area of 0.68 hectares.  This results in a density of 44 dwellings/hectare. 

Completed in June 2013
Nippendale, Rushden
The Nippendale project is a new development of bungalows, two and three-storey houses for affordable rent and three-storey mews houses for open sale.

The site is owned by Spire Homes, part of the Longhurst Group.  The former buildings on the site were a mixture of elderly persons and general needs flats; there was also a large group of garages.  The new development will provide a total of 41 affordable dwellings, at a density of 45 dwellings/hectare.

Affordable Housing Scheme
7 Luard Road, Cambridge
Recently completed project.  Major alterations and extension to the Principal's house at Homerton College.